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This year we had three new films being projected every evening on Blackpool Tower buildings. 

Find out a bit more below about the three films below:

1) “Down the Rabbit Hole”

“Down The Rabbit Hole” which is the tale of an astronaut exploring new worlds.

The LightPool projection show explores a fantasy based loosely upon his remarkable mission of determination and ambition. This journey will draw the audience into worlds without gravity. It promises to be beautiful, fantastic, full of risk and uncertainty. It will take you above and beyond!

The producers of the show are The Macula, a video mapping company from the Czech Republic. The team have dazzled audiences across Europe with their shows. Furthermore, they gained great acclaim nationally with a show on the Liver Buildings.

2) “Enchanted Blackpool”

enchanted-blackpool-promo-for-webThis is a magical, fairytale journey which looks at the wonderful architecture of the Tower building and brings it to life through a series of amazing characters that have been specially created for the show.

This feature is brought to you by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, his daughter Cecile and the Blackpool Illuminations design team. Our design teams includes Emma Campbell, our very own in-house animator on the project. Emma has been expertly mentored by Dan Shorten of London’s Guildhall School of Music – all of which has only been possible as a result of the Coastal Communities Fund project.

3) “Chasing Stars: Our Adventures in Space”

tim-peakeWe proudly present a science, fact-based show designed with education and entertainment in mind. “Chasing Stars” beautifully and imaginatively illustrates some of our more recent journeys into space. European Space Agency (ESA) 3D model and audio files are creatively utilised to ensure ultimate authenticity.

The show is designed and produced by last year’s fabulous Guinness World Record holding show creators, The Projection Studio. The shows are curated in association with the ESA and renowned astronomer Dr. Nick Lister. This amazing show will also include the talents of local schools engaged in the project, and promises a fact-based outlook.