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The lights for 2016 maybe over, and we are all looking forward to the 2017 displays! 2016 saw lots of new developments to the Illuminations, find out all about them below:


The 2016 experience started by you being greeted with a mixture of light and sound.

The new look welcome tunnel was the beginning of your journey in the car or on a coach,  giving you a warm welcome as you began your drive up the promenade.

A new welcome area was also in place at the North section up at Bispham.

The Illuminations rely greatly on donations from the public or businesses and this year, the new look collection huts give you the chance to make a donation and to buy some official merchandise from our drive through shop!

All the money from donations (and also merchandise) is reinvested into the design and creation of new displays and experiences.


A special section in the Golden Mile commemorated fifty years of one of the biggest TV and movie franchises of all time, Star Trek.

Five decades ago, the first episode aired on television. Now, Star Trek is a multi-billion pound franchise!

There will be a major exhibition in the heart of the Golden Mile. Furthermore, across the road was a display showcasing the many different captains of the Enterprise.


A brand new experience at the southern Starr Gate entrance of the display allowed you to enter a magical forest of illuminated trees and light with all your favourite characters. This offered a great photo opportunity.


The Beach House Bar and Bistro signed up for a five-year display, lighting up the section of the Illuminations from Talbot Square up to their venue, next to the wedding chapel.


A stunning lighting festoon and Chandeliers celebrating the glamour and glitz of lighting, a guaranteed eye-catching display.


A brand new experience at the southern Starr Gate entrance of the display saw over 1,000 LED lights mysteriously change colour and patterns. This creates a multitude of rhythmic shapes in light above you as you enter the show.



Blackpool’s long-established, award-winning Chinese restaurant, ‘Michael Wan’s Mandarin, also supported Blackpool Illuminations. The company has signed up for a two-year, light box display between Gynn Island and the Hilton Hotel.