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Blackpool Illuminations are giving YOU the opportunity to showcase your business with an eye-catching limited edition stick of illuminated Blackpool rock. They stand over two metres high!

The Blackpool rock can be used to promote your business, or you can have your name printed on to make it more personal. Furthermore, it will be displayed on the edge of the fabulously funny Comedy Carpet. The Comedy Carpet is the perfect location, as this area is exposed to millions of visitors.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Illuminations curator, will be creating just twenty solar-powered designs.

Laurence said: “This special Illumination ensures that you or your business are getting something completely iconic and people will walk past or drive past and see that Blackpool really does rock!

“It is a symbol of this great town and people will be getting something completely unique and at the end of the display it is theirs to keep.”

Your Blackpool rock will be manufactured at the Lightworks Illuminations factory, along with all of our fabulous displays. Your unique piece will be on show for the duration of the Illuminations season. The piece will then be delivered to you to keep at your business or home.

Each stick of Blackpool rock will come with its own certificate of authenticity signed by Laurence, and no two designs are the same.

You can customise your Blackpool rock to your exact specifications. You can dress the rock as well as the base panels with any colours, logos, text and patterns. As soon as we receive your order, our design team will work with you to produce a fantastic visualisation.